Choose your own adventure games

Even as a kid in the early 90s, I was hooked on Choose Your Own Adventure books. Goosebumps created a series of “You Choose the Scare” novellas in which readers could shape the story by making decisions that would lead them to various pages in the book. Depending on your choice, you may get an ending resulting in a gruesome death or you could get a happy ending.

These types of stories can also translate well into games that have a certain charm as they tend to be one of the more immersive forms of story telling. They usually focus on story (instead of gameplay) and give players the power to shape the story by giving them the ability to make their own choices.

In books, you have to rely purely on words and imagination to shock and awe readers, but in interactive fiction games, you get to use sounds and images and animation and music to evoke emotion. They can also tell deeper stories than games, because there is more emphasis on the story, characters, world building, and choices.

I have created a few interactive fiction games of my own, including A Day in the Life of a Slice of Bread (which I coded, illustrated, and created the GUI for), and Stranded Hearts (which I created the GUI for). Both are free to download and play.